Life Holds Me 2.0

Official music video


We Were Born 2.0 (Official music video)

'We Were Born 2.0' is the new Single from the all-new album, METAMORPHS

Boldly (Official Music Video)

New | from TIMELINES by Lee Harris & Davor Bozic

Glimmers & Silhouettes

NEW | Official Music Video from the ALL-NEW album, Timelines.

Timelines (Official Music Video)

NEW | The title track from Lee & Davor's ALL-NEW album, TIMELINES

You Are Divine (Official music video)

NEW | 'You Are Divine' featuring Lee Harris is the second single from "Medicine Songs", the debut album from Katy Samwell.

The Deer's Cry

Official Music Video

I Am Peace (Official Music Video)

'I Am Peace' appears on Lee Harris' & Davor Bozic's LP 'I Am Peace' (528hz Music)


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We created this album to bring you some peace, some joy and some soothing. This collection gathers all the songs originally featured on our albums TRANSMISSIONS Volumes 1 and 2. Freed of the spoken word and longer form of those tracks, I AM PEACE lets you immerse in the songs and the music, all tuned to the healing frequency of 528hz.

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We designed TRANSMISSIONS VOL. 2 to be a cosmic sound journey for your mind, body and soul.

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Each track invites you to deepen your connection with an aspect of your life, opening new possibilities in your inner and outer worlds.

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This album is a soundtrack for the spiritual seeker journeying home and navigating the full humanity of this moment in history.

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