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Welcome to leeharrismusic.com, the web home for all my music, and the music I create with Davor Bozic. Thank you for your beautiful response to our new album, I Am Peace, released in December of 2021. It’s been a time of high energy and creative abundance which has had us release 4 new albums in the last 14 months as well as some incredible videos and visualizers! You can check them out at the VIDEOS page. Our 2020 release of Awaken kicked off a synergy between Davor and I that brought us Transmissions (2021), Transmissions Vol. 2 (2021) and our new release I Am Peace (2021). We’ve tuned all of this year’s music to 528Hz - the “healing frequency” or “love frequency”, we hope you enjoy and share in that. And of course, another project is in the works for 2022 and we cannot wait to share it with all of you! You can sign up for my newsletter below to stay informed on what’s happening NOW and what's NEXT!

Big love, Lee


"Music is magic and songs are prayers. This truth runs deep for me."

Lee Harris Music


SHORT BIO: Lee Harris is a globally-acclaimed intuitive guide, cosmic musician & sound healer. Lee’s music is a mystical blend of pop-infused, melodically rich, heart-opening songs and sound journeys for the soul. 

FULL BIO: Lee Harris is a globally-acclaimed intuitive messenger, leader and multi-talented artist, who truly embodies the spirit of what it means to be a renaissance man. 

Most widely known for his rich body of transformational offerings, Lee reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month, and has independently captured the attention and hearts of a loyal global following. Shining throughout Lee’s musical offerings and body of work, and powerfully interwoven into his potent intuitive messages and multi-dimensional creations, are the angelic singing voice and healing musical expression of a truly gifted artist and songwriter. 

Lee’s music is a cosmic blend of pop-infused, melodically rich, heart-opening songs and sound journeys for the soul. Transcending the confines of any one genre, Lee effortlessly weaves raw, contemplative and spiritual messages into haunting and soothing multi-layered sonic landscapes. 

A music lover and aspiring singer since his early childhood days, Lee’s innate passion for and inclination towards music were undeniable. Drawing upon the same intuitive gifts that have been at the heart of his transformational leadership, his first musical expressions came shortly after he began playing the guitar during a three year training at Drama School when he began “hearing melodies and songs in the ether”. Lee’s first studio album, 'Shapeshifting' (2001), was birthed shortly thereafter, and since then, he has been prolific in bringing new music to the world. 

Lee’s catalogue includes his live EP and video project, 'Phoenix' (2010), which features his popular rendition of 'Wicked Game', and 'Golden World' (2011), a full length album featuring a cover of Sarah McLachlan’s 'Angel', both co-produced with multi-instrumentalist, producer and filmmaker Dan Burke. In 2013, Lee joined forces with Slovenian musician, Davor Bozic, to create 'Arise', a pop style collection of songs with spiritual messages that featured over forty musicians. 

Since then Lee and Davor have collaborated on countless healing sound journeys specially created for live workshop rooms worldwide, and for The Portal, Lee’s exclusive membership community. In 2020, they released their acclaimed 528Hz album 'Awaken', which charted at No.2 on the iTunes and Amazon NEW AGE ALBUM charts in its first week of release. Their spoken word and musical album 'Transmissions' and 'Transmissions Vol. 2' reached the same chart positions upon release in 2021. And their latest album 'I Am Peace' released in December of 2021 has garnered critical acclaim as well.

Lee was one of several leading speakers, sound healers and musicians performing at The Sacred Science of Sound event in Los Angeles in November 2019, following his appearance on their highly popular worldwide summit in 2018, and has been a frequent guest in this ongoing series. 

Since 2008, Lee has hosted over 200 of his own live workshop events (many featuring live music) and been a guest speaker and singer at conferences worldwide.

Lee Harris Music



This show speaks to trusting the process as a creator, the unexpected gifts of allowing things to unfold, arriving fully into your craft, and the joys of collaboration.


A Music Industry Insider Podcast series hosted by Katy Samwell. Lee shares the journey of how music saved his life, helped him to heal and how that lead him to helping and teaching so many others to heal.

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