All-New Video and Single from Lee & Davor's release, "MEDICINE MANTRAS"

"I Release Any Energies That Are Not Mine" is the first of 4 extended tracks from Lee and Davor's new release, MEDICINE MANTRAS, available everywhere November 24th. Play the mantras in your home as a clearing piece of music and sing along to invoke the words through your body. Take a journey with it or leave it on repeat to infuse your home. We carry the feelings, worries, cares of others, we get imprinted by spaces, land and historic events. Tidying or saging a room in a house frees and changes the energy there. Getting in this water resets your electrical energy field.

We’re releasing a new single from MEDICINE MANTRAS every 2 weeks until the album’s streaming release on November 24th, 2023. Click below to find the video, streaming options and for pre-order of the Limited-Edition CD (only 250 made).

We are so excited to share these mantras with you and we hope you enjoy the video!


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