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Hello Everyone,

About a year ago, I had a vision of creating a remix album, where other producers and artists could take songs that Davor and I had created, and give them a new set of sonic clothes and beats.

The question behind the vision was, of course, how would I find these producers, and who will say yes?

I’m grateful to say, the vision manifested, and one year later, I’m thrilled to be releasing our first remix album; METAMORPHS.

Nine different producers poured their heart and their art into these tracks. Thank you to DJ Drez, Entheo, Equanimous, DJ Taz Rashid, Laura Escudé, Sri Kala, Momentology, ALIA and Ben Leinbach for these 2.0 versions of the songs.

We really hope you enjoy streaming it, downloading it or getting your hands on a remaining copy of one of our Limited Edition CDs (only 250 created!)

Happy birth-day METAMORPHS! May you ignite the hearts, minds and bodies of the people you meet in the world…

Big love,


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