New Album "Songs From The Sun" Coming Soon!

Songs From The Sun is an album that fuses devotional Kirtan music with English lyrics. Back in 2015, when I was running energy mastery workshops worldwide, Narada Wise would accompany me and perform at the American and Canadian events, and Davor Bozic would perform with me at the European events. During that time, Narada and I wrote several songs together where I would write an English lyric and melody that could accompany one of his Kirtan chants. Kirtan lyrics are traditional Sanskrit mantras, and a Kirtan artist then sets the mantra to a unique melody. With each of the songs we were trying to fuse the meaning of the Kirtan with an English message so you experience a uniquely human and spiritual outlook through the listening to the songs.

We were delighted to collaborate with 2 talented singers on the album as well. Brenda McMorrow is a wonderful Kirtan artist who first introduced Narada and I back in 2012 and Lana Sugarman has performed with Narada for many years and also accompanied him at a few of our workshops. It’s wonderful to have this group all together on one album as a chorus of voices.

As you will hear, the music is designed to touch you, uplift you, inspire you and move you. We have been working away on this album behind the scenes for a couple of years and it is a true delight to now be bringing it to your ears, hearts, and bodies. People who have already heard it feel like they want to dance when they hear the song "Holy Bolo" or they are moved by "What’s True Remains".

We will be releasing some music videos over the coming months to accompany the album and we are excited to invite you to join us on the journey with these Songs From The Sun. Stay tuned for updates to pre-order the album.


Lee, Davor, Narada and the Golden World Team


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